Material from a leading manufacturer of all-weather synthetic surfaces for equestrian sports in Russia 


ТУ 5711-003-99134740-2015

Designed for use on racing / treadmills and fields of international-class equestrian complexes.

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  • Sand

  • Polymer additives

  • Equitex

  • Equipol


  • Minimum maintenance and service costs.

  • Universality of application of soil both a training, and a prize track.

  • No changes in performance at temperatures from -25 to +50 ℃.

  • The maximum reduction in injuries in animals. Lack of horse hoof slip. Minimum kick-back.

  • Lack of dust, odor, harmful chemical emissions, allergens. Radiation safety.

  • Perfect drainage ability.

  • High erosion resistance.

Всепогодный синтетический грунт "ЭквиПолитрек" для конного спорта
Еврогрунт для конного поля.jpeg
Грунт для конного манежа в упаковке
Всепогодный синтетический грунт "ЭквиПолитрек"

Taking care of surface

Уход за еврогрунтом для конного поля
Всепогодное покрытие ЭквиПолитрек для ипподрома.jpg

Cultivation before training at the Akbuzat Hippodrome, Ufa.                                           

Cultivation to a depth of 4-5 cm, followed by compaction, before the competition to a depth of 2-3 cm.

Regular cleaning to ensure a 15-year life.

 To obtain the maximum effect from the use of all-weather "EquiPolitrek ™ surface, as well as to increase its life, the surface is laid on a specially prepared foundation. The base is a multilayer stable construction with vertical drainage and the necessary turns in turns.

Recommended surface thickness 15 cm.

The mass of surface "EquiPolitrek" per 1 sq.m. is 220 kg

To significantly reduce financial costs, a technology has been developed to restore all surface qualities after the end of their life.

Designed for use on racing / treadmills and fields of international-class equestrian complexes.


French laboratory of technical inspection "LABOSPORT":

“... The product is suitable for installation in areas with a high risk of frost and heavy rain. Impact tests show that the surface at a given layer thickness is safe and has high sports qualities ... ”

Mohammed Kappushev - master jockey, training and horse riding of the President of the Russian Federation:

.... "The race track meets the most modern international requirements. Very playful. God forbid that the Moscow hippodrome was the same" ...


Bolshakov G. G. - master rider of OAO Tatneft:

.... "The ISKS track meets international standards through proper drainage and bends. Horses show excellent results. In particular, many of the ones I speak owe their performance to this track. I think that many owners and riders will agree with my opinion "...


Yafizov R. R. - Director of "Plemkonzavod" Kazan "LLC:

.... "I want to say a special word about the race track. Its coating is designed so that the load on the tendon-ligament apparatus of race horses is minimized. Specially treated soil allows horses to ride until December. With proper use of the track, speed records, we believe, will be very high "...


Kayum Gazizov - judge of the international equestrian center in Kazan

Soslan Dzilikhov, Max Kantakuzin - trainers, specialists:

.... "The track has wintered well and from mid-March frisky gallops on purebred English riding horses began to work on it. There are no comments on the drainage and thickness of the soil on the bends. We think that this season it will be even more playful."


Gilyaziev I.G. - Director of the international equestrian center in Kazan:

.... "The race track meets international standards. The track, due to its unique soft coating, protects the tendons and ligaments of the horses, which are very torn and stretched, participating in competitions." ...


Tarasov V. K. - master of sports in equestrian sports, coach of the highest category:

... "The soil used as a coating on the Akbuzat equestrian arena meets all the requirements for coatings in riding arenas, competitive fields, dressage. The soil does not dust, does not fail, and it is springy during compaction. Many thanks for creating a universal coating for equestrian centers, racecourses and further successes to you "...


Danilova Olga - master of sports in show jumping, champion of Russia, winner of international competitions, member of the Russian national team:

... "Dear soil builders. I would like to express my gratitude for the creation of high-quality high-tech soil. One of the best in Russia. It is perfectly shock absorbing when moving and jumping, does not dust, keeps moisture well. Horses did not have injuries even with very intensive work. The quality of the soil gives the ability to faster and better pass corners in high-speed routes and jumps.

I would also like to note the excellent soil tolerance of fairly severe weather conditions. The coating perfectly tolerated winter, spring and practically does not require any preparatory work for operation "...


Shagaev A.E. - President of the Equestrian Federation of the Republic of Bashkirtostan, Honorary Road Worker of Russia, Honored Builder of the Russian Federation:

... "The soils used at the Akbuzak hippodrome meet all the strict requirements. The developers, I think, have taken into account even the smallest nuances. The soil is very plastic, does not dust, is soft enough and does not fail. Shear characteristics are minimal (there were neither one case, that the horse fell or broke off by a volt.) When working at high altitudes in the phase of repulsion and landing, horses and riders feel confident, because there are no shear parameters of soils during repulsion, and it’s very elastic, and at the same time, quite soft the prize opinion.

Very low maintenance. Manure removal and harrowing once every 10 days. I would like to thank the developers of these soils from athletes and owners of sports horses. With these soils, our horses will last us longer, and their results will grow from year to year "...


A. Makarov - President of the Siberian Equestrian Society, Doctor of Medical Sciences:

... "The wonderful grounds of the arena are particularly admiring and impressive" ...


Martyanova V. - senior dressage coach of the Siberian Equestrian Society, candidate for international dressage judge:

... "Miracles can be done on such a ground. Any complex elements of a horse can be performed confidently, move freely, the repulsion phase allows you to take an amplitude pace, the landing is soft. There is no dust, the ground does not slip. Horses recover even after hard work and recover and feel well the next day. Thank you very much and further success "....

The product is patented

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