Based on many years of experience in the manufacture of all-weather hippodrome soils, we offer the most effective fillers and affordable technology to stabilize the sandy surfaces of horse fields.

Chopped geotextile Ekviteks(Cofibers)

ТУ 8390-002-99134740-2014

Effective fibrous filler for soils with a fiber content of at least 70%.

Equitex" is used to stabilize the coverings of equestrian fields and race tracks of indoor and outdoor types.

“Reinforces” the soil throughout the entire volume, completely simulating the root system of a natural lawn.

 Придает упругость и амортизирующие качества, смягчая ударные нагрузки на спину и ноги лошади. Исключает скольжение копыта лошади.


"Equitex" environmentally friendly material with the absence of all types of allergens. Does not cause bacteria and fungi. Increases water retention capacity. Gives elasticity and shock-absorbing qualities, softening shock loads on a horse's back and legs. Eliminates the slipping of the horse's hooves.

Color: light blue with beige


Entering Equitex into the Ground

Application and layout of sand at least 14 cm thick over the entire area of the device.

The uniform distribution of "Equitex" in compliance with the consumption rate (5.0-10.0 kg per 1 m²).

Cultivation. To obtain a uniform surface, it is recommended to alternate cultivation with rolling.

Нижний полив еврогрунт
Рубленый геотекстиль
Наполнитель для еврогрунта



Bales weighing 250-350 kg

Dimensions: 1.1m * 1.1m * 0.75m

Рубленный геотекстиль
Полив для еврогрунта
Рубленый геотекстиль с фиброволокном

The product is patented